WeChat Mini Program Framework

WeChat Mini Program Framework(WMPF) Introduce

What’s WeChat Mini Program Framework (WMPF) 1. Product summary The Wechat Mini-Program Framework, or WMPF for short, is an operating environment that allows the hardware to run WeChat applets in an environment that is separate from the WeChat client, and currently supports Android devices. 2. Product capabilities The WeChat applet running on WMPF is the Read more about WeChat Mini Program Framework(WMPF) Introduce[…]

Cash Vault Opens for WeChat Min Program Developers

Cash  Vault Opens for WeChat Min Program Developers The latest update released by WeChat Ad Module in the final week of March has further enriched the category promotion capabilities. Advertisers are able to advertise their min program at WeChat Moment Ad. Mini program Advertising has fully supported the following 4 objectives: Branding, E-commerce sale, Fans Read more about Cash Vault Opens for WeChat Min Program Developers[…]