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Why Wechat Official Account ?

Go to 1 Billion Users

1 Billion Users

Wechat is dominating not only in China but also globally, the marketing and social messaging app with almost 1 billion monthly active users

Go to Effective way

Effective way

WeChat gives brands an effective way to engage your without having to set up brick and mortar store in China

Go to data insights

data insights

Wechat backend will offer your extensive data insight ability once you gain your official Verification status

Go to potential customers

potential customers

You are an unknown brands to china customer before you go to the market


About Us

leverage super big Chinese market
We have helped 120+ corporates enter Chinese market

There are 14million corporate WeChat account in the Wechat world, how One by segmenting your target customers an stand out from your

Once you have V official account, you are able to develop WeChat pay, edit, Wechat Advertising Eligibility, red packet , web integration, a long list of advanced WeChat functions will be added to your marketing arsenal ,otherwise are impossible

Which means it gives you're a gateway to really put a WeChat centered and oriented china marketing strategy and you don’t lose data.


It is the WeChat Official Account Registration

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