2019-nCoV SARS Like virus outbreak

An animal source seems the most likely primary source of this novel 2019-nCoV outbreak, with some limited human-to-human transmission occurring between close contacts. The World Health Organisation (WHO) in Geneva will convene an “emergency committee” meeting on Wednesday to determine whether the outbreak constitutes a public health emergency of international concern, and what recommendations should Read more about 2019-nCoV SARS Like virus outbreak[…]

WeChat Mini Program Framework

WeChat Mini Program Framework(WMPF) Introduce

What’s WeChat Mini Program Framework (WMPF) 1. Product summary The Wechat Mini-Program Framework, or WMPF for short, is an operating environment that allows the hardware to run WeChat applets in an environment that is separate from the WeChat client, and currently supports Android devices. 2. Product capabilities The WeChat applet running on WMPF is the Read more about WeChat Mini Program Framework(WMPF) Introduce[…]

WeChat Mini Program Framework Released

WeChat Mini Program Framework (WMPF) Released 2020

Today offline hardware is gradually becoming intelligent, but shortness is always there, we are still facing a shortage of good content in it and there is no easy way to resolve the issue, and it is very hard to make a connection between a device and real person. So how to make hardware easily connect Read more about WeChat Mini Program Framework (WMPF) Released 2020[…]

Best Chinese Music Apps 2019

Best Chinese Music Apps 2019

Best 5 Chinese Music Apps   Here is the top list of China’s hottest music apps selected by WeChat Apply team 1. KuGou (酷狗) KuGou’s karaoke feature (Screenshot from KuGou app) KuGou, meaning Cool Dog, made its way to the top range by appealing to a very wide audience, in particular those in small towns, according Read more about Best Chinese Music Apps 2019[…]