WeChat 2021 Official Report

On January 7, 2022, Tencent published the 2021 annual analysis report.

the Chinese Internet ecology has entered a new stage, online consumption patterns have quietly changed, short videos and live broadcasts have reconstructed the communication situation, and the problem of Internet ecological governance has gradually emerged. In this regard, the WeChat platform strives to explore the construction of a long-term mechanism for ecological governance of content, responds to the call of the national “Clean Action”, and initiates a number of special rectification actions. Continue to invest in the field and gather strength for good.

Jin Xuan, editor-in-chief of WeChat, said that China has a large base of netizens, with a high proportion of young and middle-aged netizens. Short videos and live broadcasts are becoming new ways of entertainment for everyone. The youth group has gradually strengthened their recognition of national development and positive energy content, which is very obvious on the WeChat platform. Taking the topic of the WeChat video account celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China as an example, various government affairs and media video accounts have accumulated more than 58,000 posts. , with a cumulative exposure of 436 million.

WeChat monthly active users reach 1.263 billion

As of September 2021, the monthly active users of WeChat reached 1.263 billion, a yearly increase of 4.1%, and the number of active mini-programs increased by 41% this year. In 2021, media and government accounts will account for 75% of the top 20 accounts with hot texts published on the WeChat public platform. Among them, Global Times, People’s Daily, CCTV News, Xinhua News Agency, and Global Network ranked the top five.

In the post-epidemic period of “smart service + humanistic development” in urban governance, mini-programs continue to make efforts in this regard, and mini-programs for life services, education, and cultural tourism have grown significantly, and their comprehensive capabilities have also risen. In addition to “wisdom +”, the appeal of urban humanistic development is also increasing, such as rural revitalization, cultural and tourism integration, intangible cultural heritage, and other cultural and tourism-related keywords heat indexes are all high scores.

Last year, the Tencent News platform released a total of 3,189 articles to refute rumors

At the meeting, an analysis report on “Internet Rumors and Their Governance in the Post-epidemic Era” was also released, which systematically summarized the characteristics, governance practices and social value performance of Internet rumors in the post-epidemic era. The analysis of the report points out that the dissemination of online rumors in the post-epidemic era is directed towards targeting, escalating content camouflage, and shortening the dissemination cycle. In response to the characteristics of online rumors under the new situation, Tencent has continued to be proactive in rumor management. Tencent News has published a total of 3,189 rumor-refuting articles in the whole of 2021, providing more than 310 million people with rumor-refuting science.

The report also pointed out that, based on the research on the social value evaluation model of online rumor governance, the post-epidemic era of online rumor governance has made solid steps in the dynamic response of the mechanism and the institutionalization of multi-subject co-governance. At the same time, timely and effective rumor management can effectively repair and boost social confidence. Data shows that after the rumors were refuted, the spread of most rumors quickly dropped by more than half, and the negative sentiment of public opinion also dropped by an average of 53%.