January 25, 2018

Free H5 Page

When you start considering to advertise on WeChat, you may think that it’s a completely different digital space compared to other social media platforms. You have probably spend number of hours on internet and try to find the best WeChat advertising solution to begin with. However, it just looks like a task which is similar to find a start of thread on the spool.

The only secret to successful assisting hundreds of Australian businesses to achieve their business goals is WeChat Page. Our unique WeChat page solution is well optimised for the purpose of generating lead and sale from the Chinese market. Our advanced WeChat data tracking tool can also provide the insights on how WeChat users interact with your page.

To let you feel a little bit more secure before making the serious decision, we offers an one-month FREE WeChat page to those who are very new to WeChat.

Fill in the information you want to advertise through WeChat with the form on your right hand side, we will look after the rest for you.

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