January 25, 2018


Why WeChat Apply ?

Save your time

Overall we save your time by taking away difficult and tedious work from your hands and let your be freed up to think and do more strategically grown your business in China.Marketing approaches to Chinese people are different in terms of language, culture, search behaviors and social media habit.

Skill shortage

Knowledge of the Chinese e-commerce sector is a rare skill, and the web landscape is so different from what we find in outside of China. Hiring a Chinese speaking employee or intern? Problem is Wechat doesn’t have a customer service you can call and rely on? In particular, Wechat is very selective on what kind of foreign business they would like to Wechat corporate user. You still not getting specialized pros who know their stuff with vast cross industry, campaign experience and media resources.

We are pros

Many Australian companies have been trying to enter the Chinese market, but failed to make the results.
The skills necessary to be an effective in house marketing resource are too broad, when you are aiming to target Chinese market. Working with WeChat Apply, you work with an Australia local team with native understanding and marketing skills in Chinese market.
We know our stuff

Track record

You can focus what get your most value
• We already open 100 WeChat accounts from different industries
• We have managed already 300 WeChat related projects


China is fast evolving day in and day out, at the speed that we all feel a high pressure to be left behind. 10,000 kms away from where the real marketing battle is happening, is the disadvantage Australian company , However you want to seize control of your brand ownership, understand the first hand market trend and first hand customer information, That’s is difference set us apart from crowd. We have cutting edge, close to the front experiences and know –how and we introduce the latest marketing techniques to our clients.