WeChat Moment Ad Works Well with WeChat Brand Zone

WeChat Moments Ads 

Moments in WeChat is like a cross between Facebook’s page and its newsfeed. It allows users to share their status, photos, articles, etc. with their WeChat contacts. The WeChat Moment Ads here look like normal Moments posts but with an additional “Sponsored” tag in the upper right corner.

Moments ads can be used to promote an official account or a campaign, encourage users to download an app, distribute coupons and launch location-based promotions. For Moments ads, advertisers can define their target users according to their gender, age, location, industry, marital status, education level, etc.

We have seen Tourism Australia, BMW Australia , Huawei Australia, some  travel business have performed their Moment Ad Campaign in 2018. However, the Ad adoption has been super slow and very limited in Australia and NZ region, perhaps largely due to the small market size compared to the huge China’s domestic market  and other heavy Chinese tourist zone such as US, Japan or Korea. WeChat oversea team lacking the processing workforce capability is also a bottleneck that we do not forecast would be resolved in short future.  Currently WeChat has outsourced the WeChat Moment Advertiser qualifying and applying process to the third party overseas agency partner, and WeChatApply team has been proudly selected as one of the few.

WeChat Brand Zone

Brand Zone places brand’s WeChat activity in a one-stop-place, giving users quick access to brands’ official WeChat accounts, online stores and tailored content. The feature appears within in Search area and is triggered by search term. It would appear on the very top of the page in an eye catching position.

The function allows brands to redirect visitors to different destinations and is an ideal first step in commercialize the online traffic. Importantly, the Brand Zone gives brands exposure to users that aren’t following its official account. For instance, Cartier uses the new feature to redirect visitors to its H5 store for direct sales while Gucci simply redirects visitors to its own website. On the other hand, Longchamp links its boutique store to its WeChat mini-program for direct sales.

The WeChat Brand Zone displays the official information and services of the merchants. It is an important source for users to obtain business information and services. It also supports a built in mini-App type micro homepage. Opening the micro homepage helps to establish a brand image and strengthen user connections.

Smart brands do not miss any possible contact point or scenario of communication with users. WeChat official Brand Zone is a gateway which integrate different scenarios , giving multi dimensions that could link WeChat moment ad, friends comments and organic content all together.

A recent successful campaign was Huawei’s latest Mate20 launch campaign. Huawei used WeChat Moment Ad, Brand Zone and Outdoor LED ads, opening up multi online and offline exposure and access points for the end users in its latest Mate 20 Mobile Phone Launch Campaign.

Visitors can click on the video to watch the product launch conference in London, or click on Huawei’s official account to read related articles or go straight to online store mini App for pre ordering. The user experience is seamless.

The brands who have gained the Brand Zone right also takes advantage of implementing WeChat themed campaigns and customized services in Search and Brand Zone. As long as an user arrives the Brand Zone via Search, the user is exposed with more seasonal special promotion related gifting offers.

Quick Questions:

Who can have this exclusive right of official Brand Zone? 

Brands have to already have an certified WeChat official account, their trade mark are registered in China.  Brands can not be in medical or in financial industry due to the WeChat industry restrictions.

Why Official is always mentioned when it comes to WeChat Brand Setup?

Official, as a term, bears heavy weight in Chinese mindset. China has long history of powerful central governmental systems where private business sectors had been alienated. Since Chin’s “opening and reform” for 40 years, Chines private business sector has been criticized by making fake products and fraudulent brands that’s why a genuine brand needs to have “official” mark displayed on all your online identities to win end consumers’ trust from their first glance.

Feel free to email or chat with our friendly team to explore how you could make the most value out of your WeChat brand account by taking advantage of the latest functions offered by WeChat.

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