For What products can WeChat marketing be effective?

For What products can

WeChat marketing be effective?

WeChat has been a hot searched term word when it comes to China marketing for many marketers. It creates some illusion that as long as a business, that sounds too simple and too good to be true.

Then what are the products that are suitable for WeChat marketing?

Generally speaking, many products and enterprises can do online marketing.  But promoting your offer at WeChat requires different approach and mindset

Whether this product can do well at WeChat depends on the nature of the product and the influence of the product in the market. There are mainly several kinds of products that are suitable for WeChat marketing:


Some products that need to be used in ordinary life include products used in food and clothing, such as clothing, household goods, etc., this type of product is easy to do WeChat marketing because these products are what people have to buy regardless. If your WeChat marketing is sound,  there will be a lot of customers to buy you.

2) Service and  Intangible products

This type of product is mainly embodied in Takeaway food, Flower reservation, hotel booking, concert ticket order, flight booking and so on. The products of these services can be propagandized with the help of WeChat marketing, and provide more convenient and quick service.

Recently a “running leg” company has appeared on WeChat. They are providing a service to a large number of WeChat friends, business is doing errands service, if it is raining outside or things do not go out to buy things, you can call this room, they will serve you.

3) Computer hardware and App products

According to the analysis of market data, the sales of this kind of products on WeChat are considerable. Why is it so popular with WeChat users? First, some users of the network are most keen on this type of product, and as the product continues to upgrade, the market of this kind of product will never decline. The advantage of the retreat, can engage in some promotional activities to attract the interest of consumers, such as: free use, free gift, and so on, in the use of the wrong, will decide to buy software, as long as WeChat marketing, sales will be.

4) Online learning course

Online learning course has really hit people’s pain points in current fast-evolving mobile time. Because of things are developing so fast, people are more and more worried about their inability to keep up with new things. People are badly thirsty for new knowledge and skillsets.

2017 has experienced an explosive growth of mobile learning courses. Stories after stories were surfaced that the organizer of online course cashed in millions of dollars within 7 days of a viral WeChat marketing approach. The logic is, as long as you can invite your friends to sign up and pay for the online course, you can get it for free, even once your invitation converts to a set number, you can even get a revenue cut from your friends’ payment.

5) Women’s products

It is interesting to found that most of the customers are women in China digital world, whether they are Taobao or micro business, and women are naturally fond of shopping. Many data show that women are the most important consumer groups, whether they are visitors or purchase rates, consumption, or other data. Some women’s products are very suitable for WeChat marketing. As long as you do well in WeChat marketing, sales will continue to increase.

The above is suitable for the WeChat marketing of some products, want to do a good job of WeChat marketing needs to continue to learn how others get success and the latest technique being adopted by the top marketers in China.

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