WeChat Users, Insights and Statistics 2019 Report

On the morning of January 9, 2020, in the annual WeChat open class, we got the – WeChat Data Insights Report 2019 .

When will the public account be watched the most in 2019? What keywords do male and female users search most on WeChat?  Who uses WeChat to pay for dinner? Below, let me take you to have a look at insights!

Note: According to the official WeChat note, except for the search data, the rest of the data is up to September 2019. WeChat protects the privacy of users in accordance with the law, and part of the data such as age and time comes from sampling.

How many users

1.15 billion monthly live accounts on WeChat, users’ favorite open WeChat Time at 21:00

Active Users

In 2020, WeChat’s monthly active number reached a staggering 1,151,000,000 WeChat data reports , while in 2019 it was 1,082,500,000. With the original base number already so huge, it also achieved a growth of nearly 100 million. Before lunch and after getting off work is the peak period for users to open WeChat.

21:00 is the time WeChat users most like to use the WeChat App.

Young people like to watch cartoons

middle-aged people like to watch pregnancy and raising a baby.

WeChat Mini Program

WeChat mini program has got 300 million daily user activities

Most of WeChat Mini Program users like to play WeChat mini-games at 20:00

Before and after lunch, after working and dinner is the peak period for the user to open the mini program.

Young females prefer to use e-commerce mini-programs (such as “Good Shop”), while middle-aged women prefer entertainment with mini-programs (such as “Jandou Square Dance”).

Young males love party board games (such as “Leopard Fun Party Board Game Assistants Encyclopedia”), young and middle-aged people love to play farm restaurants (such as “Happy Farm 2”), and the elderly only love puzzles (such as “Idiom Xiaoxiu”).

In the circle of friends, men like to share work or games, and women like to share food or emotions.

Emotional Activities

Face covering, teething, snickering, strong, and rose are the most frequently used  WeChat Emoji by users. And the songs that everyone likes to share are 《我和我的祖国》(“My Motherland”),《你笑起来真好看》(“You look so beautiful when you laugh”), and 《芒种》(“Mang Seed”), which are closely related to our normal lives.


The average number of steps per person on WeChat Sports Day is nearly 7,000 Steps.

The average number of daily steps in WeChat exercise is 6932, with the largest amount of exercise on Friday.

I usually work busy, and I love at home on the weekends. There are 12 million people with the same idea, but they all have less than 100 steps. These “100-step youths” are always at the end of the WeChat sports rankings, with a praise rate of 23%. Among these “100-step youths”, the ratio of men to women is about 4:6, and women are more willing to stay at home.

The usage of this kind of takeaway mini-program (such as “美团外卖-Meituan takeaway”) increased by 93% over the workday, and the use of shopping mini-program (such as “好物商店-good shop”) increased by 53% over the workday.

Top Search Keywords

“我太难了-I’m too hard” on the WeChat annual hot search keywords

In WeChat Search, the most searched new keyword is the “黑洞-black hole” and the top ten popular searching keywords are:

我太难了- I’m so hard,

小姐姐 – Miss Sister

正能量 – positive energy

佛系 – Buddha  likely

996 -996 working style

单身狗 – like a single dog

都熟悉吗? – Are everyone familiar?

勾起2020的回忆 –  evoking your 2020 memories?

男人买单 – Most men pay for meals

90后爱攒钱 – 90s generation like to save money

WeChat Payments

WeChat payment data shows that 59% of the orders are bought by men for eating

57% of the orders are bought by women when shopping in supermarkets.

In terms of receiving red envelopes, men receive 42% of the red envelopes each month and women receive 58% of the red envelopes.