Top 10 Popular Ads in WeChat Moments in 2019

On January 2, 2020, the WeChat advertising assistant officially released “Top 10 Users’ Favorite Advertise in WeChat Moments in 2019”.

Since the launch of the moment Ads for many years, countless excellent advertising ideas have been presented to WeChat users, and everyone often likes and discusses fiercely. What kind of advertisements you will receive today will become one of the fun of brushing your circle of friends.

From January 6th to 14th, WeChat officials invited more than 1 million WeChat users to participate in and voted for their favorite friends circle ads in 2019. The Top 10 received a total of 2.128 million votes.

The following are the TOP 10 excellent advertising ideas selected by users. Let’s have a look, do you like it?

No. 1 Mercedes-Benz: 3, 2, 1, 4 seat cars

Mercedes Benz

(Voted 322613, received 118,091 times, praised and cool, style)

No. 2 Van Cleef & Arpels: Dream of Romantic Star Picking

Van Cleef & Arpels

(Voted 304160, received 87731 times, praised as romantic and high-end.)

No. 3 Estee Lauder & Yang Mi: A closer look at Yang Mi’s “sakura muscle”

Estee Lauder & Yang Mi

(Voted 291225, received 93846 times, praised Yang Mimei, creative)

No. 4 Shuijingfang: Finishing the eye


(Voted 236629, received 69,897 times, praised auspicious, golden light)

NO.5 Yili & Liu Tao: All-stars send blessings

Erie & Liu Tao

(Voted 229634, received 65,545 times, praised the goddess for its beauty and freshness)

No.6 Buick: This youth is very different


(Voted 205350, received 53353 times, praised, creative and innovative)

No.7 Dyson: Technology is sweeping 618


(Voted 198357, received 48889 times, praised the sense of science and technology, want to buy)

No.8 McDonald’s & Yang Chaoyue: Draw a Golden Barrel for Gold Win

McDonald’s & Yang Chaoyue

(122,549 votes received, 16,272 times received, praised beyond beauty, transferred to koi)

No.9 Coca-Cola & Zhu Yilong: Tell you not to miss

Coca-Cola & Zhu Yilong

(113,607 votes, 103,944 times received, praised, so handsome)

No.10  L’Oréal & Zhu Yilong: Unlock the youth password with the male god

L’Oreal & Zhu Yilong

(Voted 104233, received 101433 times, praised the male god, so handsome)