Cross border e-commerce is growing rapidly in China as the lifestyle of Chinese consumers improving annually. There is a growing demand for branded luxury items, and most of the preference goes to international brands. With the advancement of technology in China, foreign brands can sell their products to Chinese consumers easily. WeChat is one of the most popular apps in China which you can find in almost everyone’s smartphone. Apart from the messaging service, WeChat has the mini-program feature which acts like WeChat cross-border eCommerce platform. As a matter of fact, WeChat is one of the best platforms that brands and businesses for advertisement and marketing.

Foreign Brands And Chinese Markets –

There are higher chances of success for the foreign luxury brands in the Chinese markets. This can be concluded from two main factors. First, foreign brands are considered better by Chinese consumers, and therefore, they are willing to shell out more money for luxury items. They are under the impression that when they have to pay a high premium for an item, then why not pay more to get the product from an international brand.

Second, millions of Chinese workers work abroad, and during National holidays, they are coming back to their country with luxury products from international brands. Not just that, even the Chinese tourists are coming back with international luxury products. Therefore, by word of mouth, the value of international brands is increasing, and the good reviews from the users are creating a demand for such products in the local market.


Penetrating In Chinese Markets –

Chinese markets are highly crowded and therefore, penetrating in these markets is really difficult for a new brand especially the international ones who have premium products selling at premium prices. Therefore, they have to leverage the online platforms as China is a technologically advanced country and Chinese consumers are active online and prefer online platforms for shopping. WeChat cross-border e-commerce is creating a connection between these brands with Chinese consumers. WeChat already has over one billion monthly active users, and therefore, with WeChat cross-border store, international brands can sell their products and services to the targeted Chinese customers directly.

Before, setting up offline stores in China, international brands are looking to penetrate in the Chinese markets through online. Setting up offline stores in the country is quite costly, and there are lots of regulations to pay attention to. Therefore, the international brands are opening WeChat cross-border shop. WeChat has inbuilt features for promotion, advertisement, and marketing so that the brands can attract the attention of the targeted audiences with ease. As a matter of fact, WeChat cross-border shops of luxury brands are the best performing in terms of sales and revenue generation. Hence, WeChat cross-border store becomes an automatic choice for all the international brands trying to penetrate in the Chinese market for more sales and revenue.


What WeChat Offers –

WeChat is offering their platform to the international brands to open digital stores and showcase their products and services. There are WeChat Official Accounts, WeChat Moments and the most effective WeChat Mini-Programs to promote and market their products. Not just that, there is also cross born WeChat Pay service to accept payment from Chinese buyers at their convenience. All they need to do is come up with a creative marketing strategy to get noticed and huge offers that the audiences cannot ignore.


Conclusion –

WeChat is the best platform for foreign brands to get a hold on the Chinese markets and penetrate steadily. China has the highest population with an increasing craving for international brands among consumers. Therefore, foreign brands should start targeting Chinese consumers to increase their sales and revenue like never before. All the instruments starting from mini-program shops to cross border WeChat pay is available for use to cater to the targeted audiences easily.