WeChat Mini Program GMV increased by 115% at 2020

On the 9th September at the 2020 Tencent Global Digital Ecology Conference, the WeChat team reviewed the commercial performance and key capabilities of the Mini Program for the first time this year. As of August, the GMV of small program commodity transactions increased by 115% year-on-year, and the self-operated GMV of brand merchants increased by 210% year-on-year. Among them, the fastest-growing industries are daily chemicals, luxury goods, shopping market, and Daily necessities.

After the mini-program live broadcast launched the public beta in February, merchants can realize the closed-loop of user interaction and product sales through the mini program. According to data, at present, nearly 100,000 merchants have opened live mini-programs.

WeChat said that it will expand the live broadcast capabilities of mini-programs in three areas: First, continue to expand open categories: from the initial self-operated and e-commerce platform categories, it will expand to sub-sectors such as catering, life services, tourism, education, and finance. At the same time, the barriers to entry have been further reduced, covering 52,000 merchants; secondly, function optimization: adding functions such as lottery, subscription, playback, and opening up coupons in the live broadcast room to further improve live broadcast capabilities; third, internal testing Shopping live entrance.

In WeChat small stores, more than 2,000 product categories have been supported for sale. In the future, small stores will make efforts in three aspects: improving basic functions, building ecology, and communicating scenes. Specifically, WeChat will further lower the threshold of each link of the tool; at the same time, provide templates for multiple industries to meet the needs of various types of online and offline businesses; launch a service market, continue to expand partners, and provide one-click moving around small stores A series of supporting services such as commodity and logistics management, order printing, ERP, etc.; around the goal of helping merchants to acquire customers, improve efficiency and increase revenue, conduct in-depth integration of WeChat scenarios.

At the same time, the WeChat mini-program said that it will open up the ability to jump and share. At present, WeChat Mini Programs have gradually released the restrictions on Mini Programs Jumping Mini Programs, APP Jumping Mini Programs, and H5 Jumping Mini Programs. The function of browsing content to Moments in the Mini Program is currently only available on the Android App and requires the developer to set it up manually.