May 22, 2020

WeChat Offical Account Q&A

 WeChat Offical Account Q&A

1. Overseas account payment

Two ways of arranging payment by far: Wechat pay / Credit card pay(Support Visa / Master)

2. Overseas accounts whether getting a refund if the verification failed

WeChat Verification fee is a one-time charge for the review service provided by Tencent. You need to pay a service fee at the rate specified in the “WeChat Official Accounts Platform Verification Service Agreement” for each application, regardless of the verification status and result.

3. Verification time of overseas account

Generally the entire process takes 7-15 weekdays after submitting all documents required, after your payment received by the system.

4. Overseas accounts verification process and result 

Please sign in system, follow up your process from”Setting -> Wechat Authentication -> Check”. Calling our office is also available at the same time.

5.  Contact information of overseas accounts verification company

Chengdu Knownsec Information & Technology Co., Ltd.

Tel: 00862867686811 / Email:

Account Name: 知道创宇客服

Wechat account: wxrzkf

From Monday to Friday(Weekday) 9:00-18:00


Changsha Creditful Data Service Lnc.

Tel: 073188693119 / Email:

Account Name: 公信诚丰海外认证

Wechat Account: gxcf_hwrz

From Monday to Friday (Weekday) 8:30-17:30


Crediteyes Co., Ltd.

Tel: 041184947889 /

Account Name: 倍通信用海外认证客服

Wechat Account: crediteyes

From Monday to Friday(Weekday)8:30-17:30


NOTE: After the payment, your order will be distributed one of the above companies randomly, please notice the messages while operating the system background.