Increase You Fans with WeChat Friends Mini Program

If your WeChat account’s fans number has been staggering, you should use friend empowers friend to increase your WeChat fans massively

As a WeChat marketer, you more likely are frustrated by the following situations.

You are given a very limited budget while your boss is ever demanding growth.

After you have established your branded WeChat official account, but you have just small fans base, and you find it is more and more difficult to grow the number

Your team spent to produce a finely crafted article but after posting, it only receives little appreciation, no one really is sharing it.

Have you ever got some fear that more content pushed, more fans lost?

You have launched some campaigns like send your photo, leave your comments or vote for the most favorite, you have spent your budget to buy KOL media, but, still not receiving any lift on fans growth?

You keep doubting yourself- without fans, how possibly convert WeChat to Sales Funnel?”

After a while on the job, you get some feeling of challenges from your boss, Sales Director and those who are anticipating your failure – “What is your capability to grow?” Why are we doing this? If no…….”

Check this Prebuilt WeChat fans growing portal that you could easily place into your WeChat official account and start launching your campaign to grow fans!

  1. Customized  fans own Poster attracts participation, lower entry bar to expand coverage

2. Inspire ranking competition,  increase exposure

3. Popularity can be upgraded to Reward Point or Income Kick back, depending on campaign design

4. Friends join campaign one after another

5. User experience improves, Stickiness increases

We have dived into this technology and we can help you set this mini program up within 2 days, you don’t need any tech, what you need to do is figure out what to giveaways and do a great job on graphic design to make your campaign poster attractive to your fans! Email or call us for how to make it happen!

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