Cash Vault Opens for WeChat Min Program Developers

Cash  Vault Opens for WeChat Min Program Developers

The latest update released by WeChat Ad Module in the final week of March has further enriched the category promotion capabilities. Advertisers are able to advertise their min program at WeChat Moment Ad. Mini program Advertising has fully supported the following 4 objectives: Branding, E-commerce sale, Fans growing and App download.

Collect sales leads

WeChat advertising has introduced “collecting sales leads” to help the advertiser to achieve lead generation objective. WeChat Moment Ad, Bottom Banner Ad at WeChat articles, and video ads of public articles have added support to achieve the goal of collecting sales leads

Crowd targeting further refined

Advertisers can activate “custom crowds” in the “targeted crowd” setting during the creation of an advertisement, adding a number package. The crowd management system has added support for mini program advertisements and in-between text advertisements, and assisted advertisers to achieve more precise marketing goals.

It is widely believed by the industry that this move opens up a new vault for WeChat Official Account Runner and Mini program developer.

Mini Program eligible for ad placement

Ad can be appearing any WeChat mini program as long as the developer of the program applies to activate the Ad place plug in. This round of update is absolutley a good news for those developers the developer for they can automatically sell ad place and cash in the advertising revenue.

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